Improve your car modeling/texturing/rendering skill in Blender

This document has for objective to help you, to guide you and to support you to deal with the subject of the automobile in technical point of view in Blender. Indeed, the automobile has always been a fascinating subject in 3D infographic and can be useful in your professional realization (Automobile advertising, highlighting of architect’s previews, animation, special effects…).

To follow this document, it’s important to know the software, a little bit. To know the basic functions, to have an experience in modeling and rendering. Even though the document is detailed enough, with many technical reminder, reading this document without knowledge of the software will be a waste of time.

I’m going to treat the subject with the example: The modeling of the DB11, Aston Martin, and then step by step having the renders, through the audit of the modeling by a Clay’s render. A work of texture, and materials. A blueprint will be necessary to model the car.

If you already know some stages, you can pick up the information that you are interested of, without reading the whole document.

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