When I discovered 3D with Blender, I tried to model a car. But that was pretty complicated for a begginner. There are some technics and tricks to know. But now, after some years of practice, I have the possibility to do it. And I want to share my technics, for help guys like me, who love automotive world and want to model cars. ​

My first desire was to write a free tutorial about modeling a car in Blender. But I take a lot of time, and finally I wrote a complet manual. This project costs me a lot of « Well, no, not tonight, maybe tommorow... » when my friends answers me « wanna go out with us and drinks some coffee (or beer) ??». So, I decide to sell this tutorial. Why don’t you pay me back those missed drinks ? :)

Have a good read, I hope the document will be clear enough for everyone.


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You can contact me on the website "blenderartist". My blenderartist's name is G.Coulon I'll be happy to help you in your adventure of modeling and rendering car in Blender.